Download Nintendo DS Emulator For Android

Not to mention, in the recent times Nintendo games have brought out a new trend for the gamers. In addition, Nintendo DS emulator has enabled us to play our favorite childhood games like Super Mario Run on any kind of device. The games we used to play by using cassette and console in the childhood are now available to us on our devices. Like every other apk, the procedure to download this app is also simple. You don’t have to hassle while installing the Nintendo DS emulator. The app is easy to download and install. It has a wonderful UI that makes the game load quickly, without waiting. Yes, Nintendo DS emulator is workable in any device, be it your phone or tablet. Although it’s easy to download the Nintendo DS emulator apk, I’m sharing the process, in case, if you don’t know.  

The process is as same as downloading the free drastic ds emulator. So let’s start the process and download Nintendo DS emulator for android. Kindly go through the following steps thoroughly and download the Nintendo DS emulator in PC as well as in your device. If you’ve any suggestion, share it with us by dropping a message in our contact form. free drastic ds emulator apk

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Features of Drastic DS Emulator for Android

Below are the features that you should count on for Drastic DS Emulator.

  • Drastic DS emulator is especially made for android to add more fun to the gaming experience.
  • It can be easily downloaded and played on your device.
  • The graphics are so awesome that you’ll forget about the time and keep on playing the games.
  • Can be played in portrait as well as landscape mode.
  • Continue the game where you have left before.
  • Get the cheat codes and modify your Nintendo game according to your requirements.
  • Sync it with Google Drive.
  • Fast forward to intensify the emulation.
  • Modify the placement according to your screen size.
  • Add-on controllers and other controllers like Xperia can be connected.
  • Pause and resume your progress.
  • Activate cheat codes for unlimited fun.
  • Use Google drive to save your progress.


drastic for android

Procedure to Download Drastic DS emulator for Android:

Step 1: Click or tap on the “download drastic ds emulator for android” from the link attached.

download drastic ds for android

Step 2: After step 1, tap on the apk file in your device’s download folder to run.

Step 3: Wait until the installation process gets completed.

Step 4: If your mobile notify you regarding any “unknown sources” then go to settings and then security. There check on the “unknown sources”

Step 5: Again, try to download the app by tapping on the downloaded drastic ds emulator for android.

Step 6: Now, it’s ready to run. Open the app from clicking on the icon that is just appeared on your home screen. Have fun with Nintendo games on your android device.

nintendo ds emulator


As now we’re end of this post, I’ve to go for now. Last night, I spent around 3 hours playing the Nintendo Games. Truly, it was fun. I was so excited to share with you the Drastic DS emulator that I wrote this blog just after waking up in the morning.

I hope you’ve also downloaded the Drastic DS emulator apk in your android device. Though, if you face any difficulty, let me know.  And if you like reading this blog or enjoyed Nintendo games then let your friends know about it by sharing this blog post with them. Keep connected and keep reading because I’m soon bringing up more updates on Drastic Ds Emulator APK No License soon.

Download Super Mario Run Apk – Nintendo Game apk

Hey, guys. Today, I’ve brought a new apk for you. You might have played Mario in your childhood. Remember inserting cassette and using controller? The interest and fun of Mario continues till this day. Thousands of people download super Mario Apk every day from both Google playstore as well as from third party apk. Like every popular and entertaining game, Super Mario is also a part of famous Nintendo games. So, you have to  download drastic ds emulator to experience the fun of Super Mario. You can download the apk of this game by clicking the below link for free.

About Super Mario

Mario has always been the first super hero for most of the people. I’m sure if you’ve played the Mario in your young age, you must have saved the princess from that unpleasant dragon. So, let’s start experiencing the fun of the childhood days again by installing the Super Mario in your mobile phone. Collect the coins, kill the ants and turtles, get the powers on and climb the flag to finish the stage and get into the next one. You can buy additional features in the Drastic DS emulator on PC if you want more fun and ultimate experience.

Download Super Mario Apk

Features of Super Mario Run

Kindly read the features before installing the app. It would be easy for you to install the app and play the game if you’ve not played it already before. Although it’s your wish you’ve to download Drastic DS emulator on pc, you can play the game without the Drastic Ds emulator. Now, let’s take a look on Mario apk feature:

  1. Country and World Tour

In the Mario app, while you play the app you’ll be doing the unique countries tour. The game contains 24 stages and about 6 worlds. Finish the first stage to enter the next one. The graphics and animation of the Mario is different for every stage which adds joy to your playtime.

  1. Toad Rally

This feature will allow you to develop your own kingdom by achieving the levels. You’ve to gain more points than your competitor does. If you do that you’ll acquire more toads. Also, another fun feature of the app is that you can challenge your Facebook friends.

  1. Build your own empire

In Mario, you’ve your aspiration of building your own kingdom or empire. Collect more coins and toads by conquering the levels. Your empire or kingdom will build your credibility.

How to download the Super Mario Run Nintendo Games apk

Step 1: Click the link below and download the link. The Super Mario Run Apk will be directly downloaded to your device.

Step 2: Visit your settings in your device and select the “Unknown Sources” from the security list. Check the box just by the “unknown sources” option.

Step 3: Install the app in your mobile phone or pc. You can do it by just tapping the Downloaded Super Mario Run apk file and tap the install.

total rally super mario run

Step 4: Be patient and wait for just a few second to install the app. As the file is large, it may also take a couple of minutes.

Step 5: As the app gets installed, check the home screen of your phone. Tap the Super Mario icon and the game will be opened. Enjoy your Super Mario Journey.

super mario run apk download


You can find the link of super Mario Run apk powered by Nintendo games. The games have always been a darling for many of us from childhood. If you face any problem while downloading the game, please go back to the steps shared above. If still the problem persists, you can contact me by dropping a message. I know you love the Mario Run. So do I. I’ll be sharing more about drastic ds emulator. Stay in touch for more updates. Drastic Ds Emulator APK No License

Download Drastic ds emulator for Mac

Download Drastic DS emulator for Mac

We all used to love our Nintendo games and at this time, we are not in a position to play it again because Nintendo consoles are really outdated and their production is stopped by the company itself so it becomes nearly difficult to play those old games. Those days were really awesome when we used to play them in summers. Today we have bought an app for you that you can use to play your old Nintendo games on mac. Before 10 years, those video games are really famous among us but now they have disappeared.

drastic ds emulator

If you download this app, we can play these games for free of cost and without spending any time on it. This app is available on play store but it is paid app which is a big problem because not everyone is financially good to purchase these apps. We have covered everything for you. All you have to do is to follow the steps given here so that you can install the app on your mac.

Ds emulator for mac is bobbing up to the more extent that this emulator will bring you most of the Nintendo games at no cost. you can play the video games with no issues with this now. Use this drastic apk for mac.

How to Install Drastic Ds emulator Using iPadian on your Device?

  • Download the ipadian app for mac by clicking the link below. The file is a little bit large but it is worth spending time.
  • Now install the ipadian app as a normal app.
  • Open the app store in the ipadian app and install it too.
  • Click on the download button below to install drastic ds emulator in mac because it is not available in the app store.

Download Drastic Ds Emulator Apk

  • Now browse the drastic ds emulator file and open it with ipadian app.
  • This app will install automatically in ipadian app and you can enjoy using it.

nintendo drastic ds emulator for mac

Overview of ds Emulator for Mac

Drastic ds emulator is an android app which helps the users to play the games of Nintendo console in their latest devices for free. It was developed by exophase which is a top developer on playstore and they are committed to giving best in class services to their users. It is one of the top-rated apps on play store and it is paid too still it is getting so much of popularities online.

Download Drastic ds emulator for Mac

So you must have learned everything about Download Drastic ds emulator for Mac. Today we are bringing you a step by step process so that you can download drastic ds emulator on your mac. This is a really in-depth guide and helpful guide that you can use to install it on your pc. Once you are done installing this device, you can enjoy playing Nintendo games on your mac. To do this, you have to download an app called ipadian emulator which gives you a virtual iPad in your mac in which you can install all apps on the mac. Ipadian is similar to the bluestacks emulator.

ipadian drastic ds emulator for mac


So here were all the steps so that you can install Download Drastic ds emulator for Mac. It is really easy to install this app and play games in this app. You can do it and let us know about your thoughts about Download Drastic ds emulator for Mac in the comment section below so that we can get an idea about our quality. Thanks for reading this post, have a great day ahead.


Best Nintendo Games for PC windows 10, windows 8

Best Nintendo Games for PC windows 10, windows 8

Drastic ds emulator is among the top rated apps which you can use to play your old days Nintendo or PSP games on your Android device. These apps provide lots of nice features which will make your gaming experience even better. You will get other apps too but this app is very nice because of its features. In old days we used to play our games on gaming consoles like Nintendo and psp which we used to use our TV sets. Nowadays we don’t have enough time to use those big consoles so we can use these emulators on our Android devices or laptops on which we work. Here are some of the best Nintendo games for PC Windows 10 and Windows 8 along with the Nintendo drastic ds emulator apk download.

Nintendo Games on PC windows 10/8

there are such a lot of superb games like Super Mario Bro’s, tanks 1990 and Contra which can be very popular and still have that craze inside the market. We can play them using our old consoles but they are either dumped or they are not available for sale now. These make us feel bad because the happiness that we used to get in our old times, is no longer with us. But you can use this emulator in your android device and in drastic apk for pc too. We have given all the instructions here that you can read and implement to make sure that games are really working on your pc or not.For instructions, you can read my other articles but in this article, you will find only the best games that you can play in your drastic ds apk emulator. Also, if you think that you are getting helped with this kind of posts, please share them on your social media accounts so that we can get some visitors.

List of Nintendo Games

So here is the list of the games that you can play on your windows or android devices. Check these games properly so that you can refresh your mind properly. Also if you like anyone of them, click on it and download it so that you can use it in your drastic ds apk emulator to play them.

best nintendo games


  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Mario
  • Donkey Kong
  • The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past
  • Tetris
  • NES games list
  • Zelda II: Adventure of the link
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Super Mario all stars
  • Kid acarus
  • Final Fantasy
  • Excite Bike
  • Ice Climber
  • Yoshi’s Island
  • Super Metroid
  • Dragon Quest 7

If you really love these apps, click on them to download it and play it. Also, leave your awesome feedbacks in the comments section below if you think everyone should try these games at least once in their life.

best nintendo games 2018

NES games list


So here we come to the conclusions of this post. These were the best apps that we can recommend you. You can try these apps which are excited bike, super meteoroid, super Mario and super contra. These are best in class games that everyone loves to play. Thank you guys for reading this post. Hope you all will get some benefits from this post. If you really like this post, please leave a feedback in our comments section.

Drastic DS apk for Android Nougat, Marshmallow and Kitkat

Hello guys, welcome to our new post where we will discuss how to install Drastic DS apk for android nougat, marshmallow and KitKat versions of Android. Well, before going to technical part, I would like to tell you that drastic ds emulator apk is an app that helps the android app users to play Nintendo games without any worries. They can use it to download and install many games that they used to play in their childhood and lost it due to their career related issues. But now Drastic DS emulator apk is here which will help you to play games for free. The problem is that the old android versions are pretty slow and their hardware i.e. memory, ram, and much other stuff are pretty advance due to which players find it difficult to play it in their phones. Today we will tell you how you can install this app on your old android device with small tricks.

Drastic DS apk for free

Features of Drastic DS apk

Download Drastic DS emulator apk is a kind of app that needs no introduction. Many people already know about it and many are using it from its release days. Drastic ds emulator apk has many features that will make you fall for it.

  • Feature of Load and save is not a very common feature in android emulators and this app is one of those apps which provide this feature. You can easily save your games progress through this app and play it later on anytime. This progress will stay in this app forever and will stay until you uninstall this app.
  • Fresh your old memories of school days by playing old Nintendo games in this app.
  • You can rotate your phone screen in the game too. You can use its one of its features which allows its users to change from portrait mode to landscape mode and vice versa.
  • Amazing graphics quality is very rare in Android devices, even if it is available, it will make your phone hang which is not a good thing. This app will provide you amazing as well as awesome quality which you will never find in any other android emulator.

Drastic DS apk for Android

Apart from all these features, this app has many other features too such as small in size, better game performance than other apps, and many other features which makes this app a highly rated app in the play store.

Drastic DS Apk for Android Nougat, Marshmallow and KitKat

Now, this is a little bit techy part that you have to do it. This is very easy if you will do it with the help of the steps given in this post otherwise you will have to suffer a lot. By following these steps you can easily install the Drastic DS Apk in Android Nougat, Marshmallow and Kitkat very easily. When we download it for the first time, then the download is blocked so you will have to unblock it by going to the settings and then unticking the unknown sources option. Once done, everything will be very easy.

Steps to download

  • As discussed above, untick the unknown sources option in the android app settings. To do it go to settings>unknown sources>untick it.
  • That’s it for now, you can now install the app without any worries.
  • To download the app, click on the button given below.

Drastic DS Apk Free Download

  • Now take notification bar down and click on the app which you have downloaded and it will start the installation process.
  • Either way is that you can use file manager app to browse the app. To do this open File Manager>Internal Storage/External Storage>Downloads> Drastic DS Emulator APK > Click on it.
  • Once you are done with it, open the app from the phone’s menu.


Final Words

So guys, here was my detailed post about how to install Drastic DS apk for Android Nougat, Marshmallow and KitKat. Hope you all have followed it properly and have installed it successfully. Make sure to leave your feedback in the comment box given below. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.