Drastic DS Alternatives – Similar Apps to Drastic DS Emulator

Hey there, this post is about the alternative apps of drastic ds emulator. Drastic DS emulator is one of the best app available in the market of gaming console and it is still very awesome. The secret of its success lies in its small sized app. Also its features are best in class such as low memory consumption, high end graphics for its users, load and save features and many more. But it has one demerit too which cannot be ignored. This app has very less number of games that you can play on it, remaining games are in developemental phase and they will be released very soon.  The world doesn’t ends here, you can check out our selection that you can use to make best use of your time.

Till then we have arranged some of the best apps that you can use to play games on your android device for free. Some of them are good whereas some of them are bad, so let’s discuss each one of them one by one.

Top Alternatives for Drastic DS Emulator

drastic alternatives

1.    Nds4dorid Android Emulator:

Nds4dorid Android Emulator is also an alternative app for drastic ds emulator apk if you want to use it. One good part of this app is that it does not violate GPL license and it is fully open source app. Anyone can edit this app and use it as per its requirements. It is not as popular as drastic ds emulator apk but yeah it is also good if you want to play this game. If compared to drastic ds emulator, this app is slow in high-end devices for playing games but you can speed it up too. Also, it doesn’t provide features like save or load game progress so you can make sure to play the game to the fullest or leave it as it is.

2.    PPSSPP – PSP emulator:

PPSSPP is a great emulator for Sony PlayStation Portable. It is compatible with PSP game ROMs (ISO, CSO, PBP, ELF), demos and homebrews.Everything you need for a perfect emulation.The PPSSPP interface consists of 3 main tabs: “Recent”, which displays the recently played titles, “Games”, which allows you to browse your game files, and “Homebrew & Demos”.In the “Settings” menu you can optimize the emulation parameters. Inside you will find 4 items:”Graphics” – to change the visual settings, frame rate, resizing and texture filtering and more. In addition, you can enable or disable VSync (vertical sync) and fullscreen mode.”Audio” – includes options for changing sound parameters.”Controls” – change the buttons used and turn the touchscreen controls on or off.”The system” – configure general PPSSPP options: language, image format, game history cleanup, cheat codes, development tools, experimental features, etc.In addition to working with normal game saves, the PPSSPP can record the state of the game so it does not depend on save points in games.

nds4droid drastic alternatives

3.    ePSXe For Android:

ePSXe is also an emulator similar to drastic ds apk. This is also very good when we compare it with other emulators.  The only difference is that Drastic ds apk works for Nintendo games whereas ePSXe emulator works for PSP games.

4.    Nostalgia NES Emulator:

This is just another awesome alternative to Drastic DS emulator apk. This is a better version of FCEUX. The nice part of this app is that ROMs are not included in this app which is very different from other apps. All you have to do is to save the ROMS on SD card and it will find it automatically.  All you need is an active internet connection and some basic knowledge related to this app.

5.    John GBA lite -GBA Emulator:

Nobody should forget this app. This is just an identical twin of Drastic DS emulator apk app with same to same features and app size too. This is one of the best apps in this list. It gives you access to many features such as cheat codes, on-screen keyboard, taking screenshots and much more stuff. All you have to do is to download the app and install it.

similar apps to drastic Ds emulator


Here was our list of Drastic DS Alternatives – Similar Apps to Drastic Ds Emulator APK No License . Free Drastic DS In this series, we have covered apps such as John GBA lite, Nostalgia NES Emulator, ePSXe emulator, PPSSPP emulator for psp games,  and the best one Nds4dorid Android Emulator. You can try all of these apps anytime. These apps are absolutely free to download. We will also give you their download links in upcoming posts too. Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day head