Download Super Mario Run Apk – Nintendo Game apk

Hey, guys. Today, I’ve brought a new apk for you. You might have played Mario in your childhood. Remember inserting cassette and using controller? The interest and fun of Mario continues till this day. Thousands of people download super Mario Apk every day from both Google playstore as well as from third party apk. Like every popular and entertaining game, Super Mario is also a part of famous Nintendo games. So, you have to  download drastic ds emulator to experience the fun of Super Mario. You can download the apk of this game by clicking the below link for free.

About Super Mario

Mario has always been the first super hero for most of the people. I’m sure if you’ve played the Mario in your young age, you must have saved the princess from that unpleasant dragon. So, let’s start experiencing the fun of the childhood days again by installing the Super Mario in your mobile phone. Collect the coins, kill the ants and turtles, get the powers on and climb the flag to finish the stage and get into the next one. You can buy additional features in the Drastic DS emulator on PC if you want more fun and ultimate experience.

Download Super Mario Apk

Features of Super Mario Run

Kindly read the features before installing the app. It would be easy for you to install the app and play the game if you’ve not played it already before. Although it’s your wish you’ve to download Drastic DS emulator on pc, you can play the game without the Drastic Ds emulator. Now, let’s take a look on Mario apk feature:

  1. Country and World Tour

In the Mario app, while you play the app you’ll be doing the unique countries tour. The game contains 24 stages and about 6 worlds. Finish the first stage to enter the next one. The graphics and animation of the Mario is different for every stage which adds joy to your playtime.

  1. Toad Rally

This feature will allow you to develop your own kingdom by achieving the levels. You’ve to gain more points than your competitor does. If you do that you’ll acquire more toads. Also, another fun feature of the app is that you can challenge your Facebook friends.

  1. Build your own empire

In Mario, you’ve your aspiration of building your own kingdom or empire. Collect more coins and toads by conquering the levels. Your empire or kingdom will build your credibility.

How to download the Super Mario Run Nintendo Games apk

Step 1: Click the link below and download the link. The Super Mario Run Apk will be directly downloaded to your device.

Step 2: Visit your settings in your device and select the “Unknown Sources” from the security list. Check the box just by the “unknown sources” option.

Step 3: Install the app in your mobile phone or pc. You can do it by just tapping the Downloaded Super Mario Run apk file and tap the install.

total rally super mario run

Step 4: Be patient and wait for just a few second to install the app. As the file is large, it may also take a couple of minutes.

Step 5: As the app gets installed, check the home screen of your phone. Tap the Super Mario icon and the game will be opened. Enjoy your Super Mario Journey.

super mario run apk download


You can find the link of super Mario Run apk powered by Nintendo games. The games have always been a darling for many of us from childhood. If you face any problem while downloading the game, please go back to the steps shared above. If still the problem persists, you can contact me by dropping a message. I know you love the Mario Run. So do I. I’ll be sharing more about drastic ds emulator. Stay in touch for more updates. Drastic Ds Emulator APK No License